TESC Colloquium – Melissa de Smet

We are happy to invite you to our TESC colloquium by Melissa de Smet. She will give a talk entitled “Learning from subjective experiences: Mixed methodology for experience sampling studies”.

Melissa De Smet will discuss qualitative and mixed methodology for ESM. Her work aims at optimizing individualized care and clinically relevant knowledge in psychotherapy by innovating person-specific methods. Her starting point is the question whether methods intended for person-specific assessment in fact grasp what is meaningful to individual patients. In context of her Veni (starting February 2024), she will innovate experience sampling methods to study adolescent mental health and psychotherapy. ESM promises important avenues to study adolescent-specific dynamics in adolescents’ daily life, but whether it measures what is actually meaningful to adolescents themselves remains unclear. To address current validity issues of ESM, the value of qualitative and mixed methodology are proposed.

After the talk there is a possibility to discuss the topic over some drinks.

We are looking forward to welcoming Melissa de Smet and hope to see many of you on the 12th of December 16:00h in S8 Pavillion.

For the ones who are not able to meet on campus, the event is hybride so you can tune in online.

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