TESC Symposium

    Pavillion, Simon Building - Tilburg University

    The symposium includes  a talk by keynote speaker Dr. Andreas Neubauer, with the title: "How daily experiences shape self beliefs and developmental change". Afterwards you can expand your network and have a drink with each other. You can register here!

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    SAA Conference

    05 Jun - 07 Jun2023

    The next conference of the Society for Ambulatory Assessment (SAA) will be held in Amsterdam. The ideal moment to gain and share knowledge on the assessment of behavioural, physiological and environmental aspects of daily life. The central theme is 'Stress in action'.

    05 Jun - 07 Jun2023
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    Emotions Conference

    04 Oct - 06 Oct2023
    Tilburg University

    The Emotions Conference will be held at Tilburg University and aims to showcase the latest empirical, theoretical and methodological developments in the tremendously fascinating field of emotion research.

    04 Oct - 06 Oct2023
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